What is RDB (Requirements Database)? - WIP

RDB is the abbreviation for requirements database. Requirements database stores the requirements information in structured relational format in Excel or tsv files.

Here is an example data set for RDB:

den = tibble::tribble(
  ~data_entity_id,               ~entity_name,
               7L,               "enum_value",
               8L,                 "enum_var"
dfl = tibble::tribble(
  ~data_field_id,         ~data_field_name,          ~type,     ~pk_fk, ~not_null, ~data_entity_id, ~fk_data_entity_id,     ~enum_var_name,
             26L,          "enum_value_id",          "INT",       "PK",     FALSE,              7L,                 NA,                 NA,
             27L,            "enum_var_id",          "INT",       "FK",      TRUE,              7L,                 8L,                 NA,
             28L,        "enum_value_name",         "TEXT",  "NON_KEY",     FALSE,              7L,                 NA,                 NA,
             29L,            "enum_var_id",          "INT",       "PK",     FALSE,              8L,                 NA,                 NA,
             30L,          "enum_var_name",         "TEXT",  "NON_KEY",     FALSE,              8L,                 NA,                 NA

This data set stores metadata for two entities (tables): enum_value and enum_var

This meta data actually describes attributes of these two entities. The UML diagram of these entities are as here:

UML Diagram of the Entities: enum_var and enum_value

UML Diagram of the Entities: enum_var and enum_value

Having meta data of entities defined as structured data helps me to automate several development and management related tasks. For example, I can generate DDL statements of the database tables and sample data for these tables automatically from RDB.

This document is a work-in-process. I will work on it.

 Tech    17 Jan, 2018

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